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We are Authorized Distributor, Dealer, Supplier of Diamond Series Chains like Flat Top Chains, Carbon Steel Flat Top Chains, Stainless-Steel Flat Top Chains and our setup is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Flat Top Chains
Flat Top Chains

TIDC India manufactures and supplies Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Flat Top Chains. Chains are produced in straight running and side flexing versions and the range is covered by a broad selection of raw materials and chain link profiles to provide solutions for all conveying applications. These Flat Top Chains are characterized by high working loads, hghly-resistant to wear and extremely flat and smooth conveying surfaces. The chains can be used in many applications and are not just confined to the Beverage Industry.

High performance stainless steel for high speed
Flat Top Chains
Very high working
Flat Top Chains
High corrosion and wear resistance
Flat Top Chains
Very high surface hardness through cold work hardening
Flat Top Chains
Highest surface
Flat Top Chains
Applicable for magnet
Flat Top Chains
Working temp. from -40 °C till +260°C (-40°F till +500°F)
Flat Top Chains
27 HRC in hardness measurement
Flat Top Chains
Typical Applications
Beverage Bottle filling lines for brewery, soft drink, juice & wine
Canning Filling of cans (pet food, fruit and other food products)
Packaging Packaging of glass, PET, cans and other packaging media
Dairy Bottle filling and handling of products in tubs, jars and crate handling
Food Handling of different packaged food products
Pharmaceutical For bottle, tube and jar filling lines
Chemical Filling of cans, drums and other packs
Printing Handling of bound printed matter
STANDARD SERIES: Steel Straight Running Series
Flat Top Chains
DERIVED SERIES: Steel Straight Running Series
Flat Top Chains